Informix Request for Enhancement


IBM Informix Request For Enhancement site.

Microsoft Certification second shot is back for 2013!

MIcrosoft Certification second shot is back for 2013 –

MCM SQL Server 2008 reading list

Planning and Design

Infrastructure Planning and Design –

On-disk structures including new in 2008

On Disk Structures –

FileStream –

Spatial Indexes –

Sparse Columns –

Data Compression –

Data Compression : Strategy,Capacity Planning and Best Practices –

Data file maintenance, database snapshots  and tempdb

Shrink –

Database Snapshots –

Database Maintenance –

Working with Tempdb in SQL Server 2005 –

Physical Database Storage Design –

Logging, recovery and log file maintanence

Transaction Logging –

Index internals and fragmentation

Fragmentation –

Indexes from every angle –

Online indexing options in SQL Server 2005 –

Performance And Tuning Optimization

Query tuning through effective indexing strategies –


Microsoft SQL Server Advanced Skills

Having said that Microsoft Master Certifications are retired, this is an interesting page –

Day 3 mentions some interesting skills –

On-disk structure knowledge
Index tuning knowledge
C#/VB knowledge
Stored procedure knowledge
XML parsing knowledge
Backup & recovery knowledge

Microsoft Master Certification reported retiring in October

So we are hearing that Microsoft has cancelled the Master and Architect levels of certification!

Whilst the wikipedia site does indicate the MCM is going –

with technet also going this seems to indicate the Microsoft want to run everything themselves..