SQL Supper 22nd April 2014 Questions.

1. To install SQL Server 2014 documentation locally?

SSMS -> Help -> Manage Help Settings -> Help Library Manager then choose  Install Content from online

Under SQL Server 2014 Add  Books Online, Developer Reference and Installation.

You can also check for updates online as well.

2. What is new in SQL Server 2014 Integration Services?

As per books online nothing! However Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Integration Services


does mention 2014 enhancements although it says they are from codeplex and not integrated into the base product yet.

3. What is new in Report Services?

Books Online only mentioned addition of support for Chrome as a browser!

4. What T-SQL enhancements are there in 2014?

This is covered at http://www.smooth1.co.uk/sqlserver2014/t_sql_enhancements.html

5. Resource Governor for physical IO, the IO settings do not appear in SSMS.

If you run ‘script resource pool as’ the settings are visible:

USE [master]

/****** Object:  ResourcePool [PoolAdmin]    Script Date: 05/05/2014 10:17:42 ******/
CREATE RESOURCE POOL [PoolAdmin] WITH(min_cpu_percent=0,


I have mail Mark Souza (General Manager -Data Platform Group) for an update when these will appear in the properties page.

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