Informix 12.10 Extending a physical log.

Saw this in the online.log:

15:43:52 Performance Advisory: The physical log size is smaller than the recommended size for a
server configured with RTO_SERVER_RESTART.
15:43:52 Results: Fast recovery performance might not be optimal.
15:43:52 Action: For best fast recovery performance when RTO_SERVER_RESTART is enabled,
increase the physical log size to at least 90536 KB. For servers
configured with a large buffer pool, this might not be necessary.

Well my play server does not have a large bufferpool so:

onstat -l – get chunk from phybegin.

onstat -d – make sure chunk is extendable – flag at position 5 = E

Now extend the chunk:

echo ‘execute function task(“modify chunk extend”,”2″,”25000″)’ | dbaccess sysadmin
Your evaluation license will expire on 2014-11-16 00:00:00

Database selected.

(expression) Chunk 2 has been extended 25000Kb.

1 row(s) retrieved.

You must be in the sysadmin database to use the task() function!

Now extend the physical log:

onparams -p -s 90536
Your evaluation license will expire on 2014-11-16 00:00:00
Do you really want to change the physical log? (y/n)y
Log operation started. To monitor progress, use the onstat -l command.
** WARNING ** Because the physical log has been modified, a level 0 archive
must be taken of the following space before an incremental archive will be
permitted for it: plog
(see Dynamic Server Administrator’s manual)

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