Oracle Real Application Testing and Database Replay.

Database Replay


Capture with real load,timing,concurrency.

Replay honours commit order.

If mask when transfer to replay server then must also mask the capture files.

All external client requests captured in binary files.

Capture supported for 9i and 10g, replay was not back ported.

Capture files are platform independent.

Capture can be filtered by user,program,module,action,service,session id.

Filters can also be applied at replay time. have patch for replay.

Both capture and replay side require Real Application Testing license.

Estimate capture file size 2*bytes from SQL*Net from AWR report or estimate from small capture window.

Run Workload Analyzer on captured workload to see how many database requests were not complete at the end of the capture window

Replay Workload, Oracle will tell you how many replay clients are needed.

During replay the ‘think’ time can be reduced.

Connections can be remapped e.g. for database links.

Query part of workload can be scaled up during replay for load testing. allow consolidated replay, workloads from different databases can be replayed together e.g. when testing a move to 12c multitenancy with pluggable databases Start times for each replay can be moved to allow capacity planning for colliding peak workloads.

Workload folding, run multiple parts of a single capture at the same time.

Analysis and Reporting allows checking for divergence – error,data,performance (ADDM,AWR,ASH).

SQL Performance Analyser (SPA) integrated with Resource Governor so can potentially run on production,integrated with tuning and diagnotics pack.


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