Informix 12.10.xC5 is out!

Informix 12.10.xC5 is out


– Rolling upgrades for high-availability clusters

– Support for Java 7

– Improved installation logging and debugging

– Easier silent installations

– Tenant databases session_limit_memory,session_limit_logspace,session_limit_txn_time,tenant_limit_space

– Limit access to tenant databases in OAT



– Larger maximum tape size for backups TAPEDEV/LTAPEDEV 9 ZB

– Informix JDBC Driver now supports the Estonian and Lithuanian locale, et_ee

– Correlated aggregate expressions

– Control repreparation IFX_AUTO_REPREPARE new values

– Manipulate JSON and BSON data with SQL statements

– High availability for MongoDB and REST clients

– Wire listener configuration enhancements

– Wire listener query support, Join/Array queries on JSON data

– Enhanced account management through the wire listener,JSON lockAccount and unlockAccounts commands

– Load pure JSON documents into time series, TSL_PutJson

– Faster loading of time series data files
TSL_Put function can now contain JSON or BSON documents as values
for columns other than the primary key and time stamp columns
– Improved logging for the time series loader
You can choose to retrieve loader messages from a queue instead of logging the
messages in a message log file. Retrieving messages from a queue results in less
locking contention than logging messages in a file.

– Create new time series while loading data,TSL_SetNewTS/TSCreateVirtualTab

– Display time series storage space usage,TSInfo

– View active time series loader sessions,TSL_ActiveHandles

– Analyze time series data for matches to patterns,TSPatternMatch/TSCreatePatternIndex

– Clip selected columns of time series data,ProjectedClip

– Track moving objects
The spatiotemporal search extension depends on the TimeSeries and spatial extensions.
You store the spatiotemporal data in a TimeSeries data type with columns for longitude and latitude.
You index and query the spatiotemporal data with the new spatiotemporal search functions.
You can also query spatiotemporal data with time series and spatial routines.

IBM Informix Spatiotemporal Search for Moving Objects User’s Guide.
– Enhancements to Informix Warehouse Accelerator
– accelerate queries that include these scalar functions: CURRENT, SQRT, and SYSDATE.
– ondwa listmarts command
– load data marts faster by adding a second DWAVP virtual processor
The DWAVP virtual processor runs Informix Warehouse Accelerator administrative
functions and procedures.


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