SQL Server 2016


SQL Server 2016 public preview coming this summer


SQL Server 2016 : Availability Group Enhancements


SQL Server 2016 : In-Memory OLTP Enhancements

“ALTER TABLE is an offline operation, and will support adding/dropping columns, indexes, and constraints. There will be new syntax extensions to support some of these actions. You can change your bucket count values with a simple rebuild (however note that any rebuild will require 2X memory):”

“They have simplified the way that deleted rows are processed (in 2014, those operations use FileStream; in 2016, they will skip this step).”


SQL Server 2016 : JSON Support

“First of all this will be in all editions.

There is not going to be a JSON data type or any special kind of index; you would just store it as a traditional string (or extract relational data as a JSON string).
But there will be extensions to T-SQL to support moving JSON data in and out of relational forms, much like we already have for XML – like FOR JSON PATH, FOR JSON AUTO,
ISJSON(), JSON_QUERY(), JSON_VALUE(), JSON_MODIFY(), and OPENJSON(). It will be case sensitive, collation unaware, there will be no strict schema support, and it will be
substantially less elaborate than, say, PostgreSQL’s JSON support. (Just remember that this is a V1, and like many other V1 features, should get better as it matures.)

JSON will be supported in Hekaton In-Memory OLTP (even in natively compiled stored procedures) right out of the gate, though when used there you will have the same no-LOB and 8,060 byte limits we’ve grown to know and love. Compression, encryption, and both types of Columnstore indexes will be supported. And you’ll be able to persit and  index computed columns based on values extracted from the JSON string that is stored. Almost all data types are supported, with the exception of complex CLR types (geometry, geography, and any custom CLR types you use).

However, this does not apply to all CLR types; hierarchyid, for example, works fine.  ”

SQL Saturday Portugal will have a SQL Server 2016 track – http://www.sqlsaturday.com/369/Sessions/Schedule.aspx

From Twitter:

“SSRS will be supported in Power BI”

“Many to many relationships and bi directional cross filtering will be supported in the #SQL Server 2016 tabular models”

“Hybrid BI will support live query for #SSAS and scheduled refresh for #SQL databases.”

“Report Builder will live on in #SSRS in #SQL Server 2016”

“SSRS parameter panel in SQLServer2016 to get major overhaul. New chart types. Responsive design.”

“The first community previews for SQL 2016 will include dynamic data masking and row-level security”

“SQL Server 2016’s auditing will be hooked up with PowerBI for easier reporting”

SSIS Enhancements

– Incremental project developement

– Multi-version support in SSDT-BI

– Improved project and catalog upgrade

– Lineage and Impact Analysis

– Azure Storage Connectors

– HDInsight Tasks Trigger HD Insight job and manage HD Insight Cluster directly from SSIS

– Power Query support

– Azure Data Factory Integration

“Window aggregates and sorts will be batch mode in SQL Server 2016 on columnstore indexes.”

“SQL 2016 adds PK/FK relationships and rowstore nonclustered indexes right along with a clustered columnstore index!”

Master Data Services

– Modeling improvements in MDS

– Simplified hierarchies

– Improved MDS model deployment

– MDS Transaction Log rentention settings

– Multiple administrator roles

– Granular security permissions in MDS

“Manage hdinsight from ssis packages”

“For SQLVNext new Snaphost Backup in IaaS Server with SQL Server”

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