SQL Server 2016 Power Bi vNext

SQL Server 2016 Power Bi vNext

Power Bi Preview https://powerbi.microsoft.com/

HTML 5, not Silverlight



Real Time


2 level of dashboards/reports, native mobile apps iOS,Windows,Andriod (soon)

First App was for iOS!

Power BI Rest API

If do not have provider for your datasource, load the data yourself and use the API to send it to PowerBi with realtime refresh

Hybid – Live Query to On-Premise, Power BI render Dashboard, requires simple gateway, connects directly to SQL Agent

Links to SalesForce

On the website Free Tier you can use  https://powerbi.microsoft.com/ – limits on size, refreshing to on-presime data source

Links to organization for password – no password sent to Microsoft

Report is multi-page clickable,used to be dashboard

New Dashboard can show tiles accessing from different data sources

Dashboard is flat – tile experience, can resize and move tiles, click tile to get into report

You can now edit reports online! Drap and drop to build charts

New Char Types, funnels, tree maps!

To put tile onto Dashboard go to report and click ‘pin’ – pin report to the dashboard

Default for most Dashboards – use Q&A to built an item “sales in 2014 by map”

sum quantity by country as funnel

Can pull data from Google Analytics

Excel Workbook – can upload to power bi as dataset, immediately get dashboard, power bi detects country, dates in workbook

You can share dashboard – sends link

Looks like June Power BI  Designer leaked!

In future users can get your content pack with your logo and pull your data to use!

The iOS,iPad and iPhone apps are different apps and so render well on each device

Power Query will be relesed monthly!

Data Sources for Power BI Designer include Sybase and Postgres!

In PowerQuery there is no PowerPivot but it is there, just done differently

HTML component runs in Power Query, same as on the portal!

When add measure can edit the field and use IntelliSense when editing the formulae

Can also format fields e.g. as currency in euros

Can upload data and report, cannot update though so still use Excel.

Main focus is Power BI Designer rather than Excel now

Apps for Office – Send to Power BI – update excel and dashboard refreshes

Poweer BI Developer Rest API


PUT Table – Update Schema released yesterday!


PowerShell module PowerBIPS – can push data into PowerBi have to consert the app can send the data!

Can write PowerShell to pickup CSV Files that appear in a directory, infer the schema and upload them to PowerBI

RealTime Power BI Voting App – http://bit.do/PBIEval

Free Version 10,000 updates per hour, 1GB total.

Paid Version 1,000,00 updates per hour – 10GB data

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