Powershell for managing Storage Replicas

Powershell to manage Storage Replicas

Get-Module -ListAvailable  : List available modules

Get-Module : List modules loaded

Get-Module  | ft Version,Name

Version    Name
-------    ----    Microsoft.PowerShell.Management    Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility
1.1        PSReadline
1.0        StorageReplica

Get-Command -Module StorageReplica | ft CommandType,Name

CommandType Name
----------- ----
Function    Clear-SRMetadata
Function    Export-SRConfiguration
Function    Get-SRDelegation
Function    Get-SRGroup
Function    Get-SRPartnership
Function    Grant-SRAccess
Function    Grant-SRDelegation
Function    New-SRGroup
Function    New-SRPartnership
Function    Remove-SRGroup
Function    Remove-SRPartnership
Function    Revoke-SRDelegation
Function    Set-SRGroup
Function    Set-SRPartnership
Function    Suspend-SRGroup
Function    Sync-SRGroup
Cmdlet      Test-SRTopology



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