Debugging SQL Server crashes with windbg

Download windows sdk

Install just debugging tools for windows

UPDATE:  Now you can go to directly install Debugging Tools for Windows:


Check for updates

All Apps -> Windows Kits -> Windbb (X64)

File->Open Crash dump->

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\<instance>\Log\SQLDump0001.mdmmp

Point to Symbols

.sympath srv*c:\Websymbols*;

Load symbols

.reload /f

Switch to exception context


Dump stack

kC 1000


SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services Notes

Checking Analysis Services Deployment Mode for a SQL Server

Goto to OLAP Config folder e.g.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSAS13.SQL2016X1\OLAP\Config

In msmdsrv.ini we see



0=Multidimensional, 1=SharePoint, 2=Tabular, default=0

Being an Entertaining speaker

A professional fulltime speaker once said to me

“As a speaker the 3 things you need to be are Relevant, Interesting and Entertaining”

I would say after 2 years of speaking I have managed a level of Relevant – know your subject and audience.

I am knocking on Interesting, definitely enthusiastic, keen, exciting, projects voice well, handles a/v issues,designing demos, having a flow to the talk,answers all questions even if it takes me over a year to hunt down Bob Ward in a precon for an answer! Once I even came out from behind the desk and I have 1 joke in my 2016 talk!

The item I have not touched yet is the hard one – entertaining. Being keen is not enough, it is a skill which needs some level of study – having a story, the why not just the how,less words and more visuals.

This is my goal for this year and I will add knowledge/links to this blog post as I learn about this skill.

Why how is boring and how why is awesome

Comparision of JSON Data Types across Database Products

As per

JSON is on the rise, so here is an initial comparision of JSON data types across data products, more to follow

SQL Server

SQL Server 2016 preview – No native JSON data type, NVARCHAR used instead, no indexing



JSON/JSONB data types

Waiting for 9.4 – Introduce jsonb, a structured format for storing json.

JSONB “Insignificant whitespace is discarded, and the order of object keys is not
preserved. Neither are duplicate object keys kept – the later value for a given
key is the only one stored.”


JSON / BSON data types


Native JSON/BSON data types, indexing supported, JSON sharding across a cluster of data servers supported.Wire listener supported for Mongo DB applications to talk to Informix via MongoDB community drivers and the REST API.

JSON/BSON data types

Indexing a BSON field

BSON processing functions

JSON data sharding

Wire listener which handles Mongo API wire protocol