Being an Entertaining speaker

A professional fulltime speaker once said to me

“As a speaker the 3 things you need to be are Relevant, Interesting and Entertaining”

I would say after 2 years of speaking I have managed a level of Relevant – know your subject and audience.

I am knocking on Interesting, definitely enthusiastic, keen, exciting, projects voice well, handles a/v issues,designing demos, having a flow to the talk,answers all questions even if it takes me over a year to hunt down Bob Ward in a precon for an answer! Once I even came out from behind the desk and I have 1 joke in my 2016 talk!

The item I have not touched yet is the hard one – entertaining. Being keen is not enough, it is a skill which needs some level of study – having a story, the why not just the how,less words and more visuals.

This is my goal for this year and I will add knowledge/links to this blog post as I learn about this skill.

Why how is boring and how why is awesome


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