Linux kernel networking – monitoring and tuning

Monitoring and Tuning the Linux Networking Stack: Receiving Data


Some notes on the Oracle APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT Function

The APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT Function – A Test Case


Scaling up Cardinality Estimates in

HyperLogLog in Oracle

Sketch of the Day: HyperLogLog — Cornerstone of a Big Data Infrastructure

HyperLogLog — Cornerstone of a Big Data Infrastructure



SQL Server SSMS and SSDT now GA

SQL Server

SSMS now generally available

SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) for Visual Studio 2015 is now generally available.


SQL Server 2016 RTM available, critical dependency!

SQL Server 2016 now available!

Visual Studio Benefit – Developer Edition


Technet Evaluation Centre

Important Note:

SQL Server 2016 has a critical pre-requisite for updated Visual Studio VC++ 2013 Runtime Libraries.These do NOT come via Windows Update, they are a seperate download.