Training with an injury

Listen to medical experts,get more than 1 opinion, sometimes medical experts can be wrong!
If using weights with a new exercise (and I am not kidding, I did this) start with 1kg dumbells and start with the bar.
Make sure you have proper form.
Increase weight slowly – if it hurts (not sore but pain, you will know) then lower weight/stop and tell
a medical expert exactly what you did, where/how it hurts and get their advice.
If/when you increase weight do it slowly, we all have years of life left, you can always increase thw weight next week rather than spend weeks/months recovering, try not to go backwards. This is not a race but if you were in a race it is bad when you do a u turn and start driving away from the finish!
Listen to your body if you are tired/find first exercise hard i.e. you know your body is performing worse that day
then lower weights on the next exercises ahead of time as needed to protect yourself.
Listen to your body, you know when to be careful!
STAY POSTITIVE, you will make a plan and you are on the journey.


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