MCM SQL Server 2008 reading list

Planning and Design

Infrastructure Planning and Design –

On-disk structures including new in 2008

On Disk Structures –

FileStream –

Spatial Indexes –

Sparse Columns –

Data Compression –

Data Compression : Strategy,Capacity Planning and Best Practices –

Data file maintenance, database snapshots  and tempdb

Shrink –

Database Snapshots –

Database Maintenance –

Working with Tempdb in SQL Server 2005 –

Physical Database Storage Design –

Logging, recovery and log file maintanence

Transaction Logging –

Index internals and fragmentation

Fragmentation –

Indexes from every angle –

Online indexing options in SQL Server 2005 –

Performance And Tuning Optimization

Query tuning through effective indexing strategies –


Microsoft SQL Server Advanced Skills

Having said that Microsoft Master Certifications are retired, this is an interesting page –

Day 3 mentions some interesting skills –

On-disk structure knowledge
Index tuning knowledge
C#/VB knowledge
Stored procedure knowledge
XML parsing knowledge
Backup & recovery knowledge