Informix write listener – Rest API setup issues

For my talk at IIUG 2017 I was working with the wire listener on Informix.

When setting up a wire listener for the REST API I found some Informix packaging issues and issues with the DeveloperWorks article.

I was following the developerWorks article Informix and NoSQL: First Steps with the REST API

NOTE: This series of articles REALLY helped when getting my talk ready!

I was working with the latest Informix server version 12.10.FC8 on CentOS 7 and found:

a) When unpacking this unpacks to folder nosql-sdk-1.2.2 – there was no explict step with the command to add a link called nosql_sdk to make the examples work, I add this below.

unzip bin/

ln -s nosql-sdk-1.2.2 nosql_sdk

b) The library ${INFORMIXDIR}/nosql_sdk/tomcat-embed-core.jar is missing!

Noticing that the other libaries were for version 8.0.38 I went to

Tomcat Embed Core » 8.0.38

and on the “Files” line clicked the download link.

I then copied tomcat-embed-core-8.0.38.jar into $INFORMIXDIR/nosql_sdk/lib

and added this to the classpath.

3. In order to get class I also had to add ${INFORMIXDIR}/nosql_sdk/ to the classpath.

The final result was:


${INFORMIXDIR}/extend/krakatoa/jre/bin/java \
-cp ${INFORMIXDIR}/bin/jsonListener.jar:${INFORMIXDIR}/nosql_sdk/lib/tomcat-embed-core-8.0.38.jar:${INFORMIXDIR}/nosql_sdk/ \ \
-config ${INFORMIXDIR}/etc/ \
-logfile /work/martinfu/731/restListener.log \
-start &



${INFORMIXDIR}/extend/krakatoa/jre/bin/java \
-cp ${INFORMIXDIR}/bin/jsonListener.jar:${INFORMIXDIR}/nosql_sdk/lib/tomcat-embed-core-8.0.38.jar:${INFORMIXDIR}/nosql_sdk/ \ \
-config ${INFORMIXDIR}/etc/ \


I hope this helps and am talking to IBM about the issues I found.


Finding System Requirements for IBM Software Products.

IBM has a  Software Product Compatibility Reports facility.

Managing GSKit Master Keys

Managing GSKit Master Keys

Huge Pages for Informix on SPARC Solaris

To get hugh pages for Informix on Solaris

1. Set RESIDENT to a value other than 0, >0 means the first N shared memory segments will be pinned in memory.

2. Make sure IFX_LARGE_PAGES is not set to 0.

3. To get pages >4MB in size the hardware must have support for 2GB pages, run pagesize -a to check what the hardware supports

4,  Either use ppgsz or

The three ways to change the default page size for an application are:

  • Use the Oracle Solaris OS command ppgsz(1).
  • Compile the application with the -xpagesize, -xpagesize_heap, and -xpagesize_stack options. See the compiler man pages for details.
  • Use MPSS specific environment variables. See the man page for details.

ppgsz is documented at is documented at

5. Note

Solaris has had large parges for many years. Initially, a large page on SPARC was 4MB. Then, much later, Solaris 9 added new APIs for Multiple Page Size Support. At that time, the maximum supported by hardware was 256MB. Today, the T4 processor supports page sizes up to 2GB.

6. UltraSPARC II/III/III+/IV/IV+ and UltraSPARC T1 (aka Niagara) only support large pages of 4MB

7. Check none of these to disable large pages are being used

  • set exec_lpg_disable = 1This parameter prevents large pages from being used when the kernel is allocating memory for processes being executed. These constitute the memory needed for a processes’ text/data/bss.
  • set use_brk_lpg = 0This parameter prevents large pages from being used for heap. To enable large pages for heap, set the value of this parameter to 1 or remove this parameter from /etc/system completely.

    brk() is the kernel routine that is called whenever a user level application invokes malloc().

  • set use_stk_lpg = 0This parameter disables the large pages for stack. Set it to 1 to retain the default functionality.
  • set use_zmap_lpg = 0This variable controls the size of anonymous (anon) pages.
  • set use_text_pgsz4m = 0This tunable disables the default use of 4M text pages on UltraSPARC-III/III+/IV/IV+/T1 platforms.
  • set use_text_pgsz64k = 0This tunable disables the default use of 64K text pages on UltraSPARC-T1 (Niagara) platform.
  • set use_initdata_pgsz64k = 0This tunable disables the default use of 64K data pages on UltraSPARC-T1 (Niagara) platform.

8.The T4 processor was the first to add “Support for a much larger Memory Management Unit page size (2GB)”


OS: Solaris 10 8/11 (Update 10) or later
Hardware: SPARC T4. eg., SPARC T4-1, T4-2 or T4-4”

Informix Chat with Lab!/wiki/Informix%20Chat%20With%20the%20Lab

Informix Chat with the Lab

Simple Informix C UDR on Centos 6.6

Simple Informix C UDR on Centos 6.

#include "dmi/mi.h"

mi_integer bigger_int(mi_integer left,mi_integer right)
if ( left > right )

To compile

gcc -I$INFORMIXDIR/incl -I $INFORMIXDIR/incl/esql -c -fPIC -DMI_SERVBUILD -g bigger_int.c
gcc -shared -fPIC -o /home/informix/ bigger_int.o

To load and run

dbaccess sysmaster

create database justdave;

CREATE FUNCTION bigger_int (arg1 integer, arg2 integer) RETURNING integer
EXTERNAL NAME '/home/informix/'

select bigger_int(1,2) from systables where tabid=1;

DROP FUNCTION bigger_int;

Only when you execute the function is the shared library loaded

05:20:41  Loading Module
05:20:41  pid 3217: ELF .eh_frame section missing in /opt/IDS.12.10.FC5/gls/dll/
05:20:41  The C Language Module loaded

Informix Client SDK support position

Informix Client SDK support position