September 17 Oracle 12c event at Oracle uk

This time a specific Oracle 12c database event at Oracle uk.

This included varous upgrade scenarios including the fact that upgrades are done in upgrade mode which is similar to mount mode where the datafiles are NOT touched, only system catalogs.

This also covered using data guard to reduce downtime during upgrades and using Goldengate which can even replicate between very old versions and the later versions to reduce downtime during upgrades.


August 7 eDBA Oracle 12c in memory event.

Interesting event with eDBA on August 7 covering Oracle 12c which adds in-memory features.

This Oracle in-memory offering is columar and NOT persisted on disk, instead a new memory area is used to store the in-memory version of data.

Database product installation FAQ

Database product installation FAQ

Currently SQL Server,DB2 10.5,Oracle,SAP ASE 16.0,Informix 12.10.FC4

Oracle 12c DBA Certification changes.

Oracle 12c DBA Certification changes.!

New database releases


So Informix 12, Oracle 12c and MS SQL Server 2014 CTP1 have all been released recently, watch this space for details!