Chris Adkin Super Scaling Singleton Insert SQL Server 2014

Chris Adkin Super Scaling Singleton Insert SQL Server 2014

SQL Server 2014 CU6 is out

SQL Server 2014 CU6 is out

FIX: Sequence object generates duplicate sequence values when SQL Server 2012 or SQL Server 2014 is under memory pressure

FIX: Duplicate sequence value is generated when you run sp_sequence_get_range in parallel with NEXT VALUE FOR function

FIX: The transaction isolation level is reset incorrectly when the SQL Server connection is released in SQL Server 2014

FIX: Access violation occurs when you delete rows from a table that has clustered columnstore index in SQL Server 2014

FIX: OS error 665 when you execute DBCC CHECKDB command for database that contains columnstore index in SQL Server 2014

FIX: Incorrect data returned when you use DATE data type as a qualifier in a  query with a clustered columnstore store index in SQL Server 2014

FIX: Memory leak occurs when you run DBCC CHECKDB against a database in SQL Server 2014

FIX: The value of statement_start_offset column is incorrect in DMV sys.dm_exec_requests in SQL Server 2014


SQL Supper 22nd April 2014 Questions.

1. To install SQL Server 2014 documentation locally?

SSMS -> Help -> Manage Help Settings -> Help Library Manager then choose  Install Content from online

Under SQL Server 2014 Add  Books Online, Developer Reference and Installation.

You can also check for updates online as well.

2. What is new in SQL Server 2014 Integration Services?

As per books online nothing! However Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Integration Services

does mention 2014 enhancements although it says they are from codeplex and not integrated into the base product yet.

3. What is new in Report Services?

Books Online only mentioned addition of support for Chrome as a browser!

4. What T-SQL enhancements are there in 2014?

This is covered at

5. Resource Governor for physical IO, the IO settings do not appear in SSMS.

If you run ‘script resource pool as’ the settings are visible:

USE [master]

/****** Object:  ResourcePool [PoolAdmin]    Script Date: 05/05/2014 10:17:42 ******/
CREATE RESOURCE POOL [PoolAdmin] WITH(min_cpu_percent=0,


I have mail Mark Souza (General Manager -Data Platform Group) for an update when these will appear in the properties page.

SQL Saturday Exeter 2014 (22 March 2014) Speaker Answers

Questions from my presentation at SQL Saturday Exeter 2014:

1. Backup to Azure – Backup to URL https or http?

As per

“Here is a sample URL value: http[s]://<CONTAINER>/<FILENAME.bak>. HTTPS is not required, but is recommended.

2. What happens if you turn on 2014 trace flags 2312 (force new cardinality estimator) and 9481 (force old cardinality estimator) at the same time do you get an error?

No, niether is used and the database compatability level determines the cardinality estimator that is used.

Is the showplan really changes for columnstore indexes in 2014? ” The EstimatedExecutionMode and ActualExecutionMode properties have two possible values: Batch or Row. The Storage property has two possible values: RowStore and ColumnStore.” Surely that was in 2012?

Books online still says that both EstimatedExecutionMode/ActualExecution Mode and Storage properties are new in 2014 Actually only the Storage Propery is new